Gary launching into Freeridespain singletrack above Bubion
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Oscar the Freeridespain pooch

THE Freeridespain pooch is a short haired German Pointer. Oscar was super quick in his day but the years 9 years of running with the bikes are beginning to take their toll so he's retired to the shorter runs and the lazy life which suites him well. Super sociable.

Bella, not so pretty

We rescued Bella (a small Boxer) from a pound in Marbella - Hence the name 'Bella' as well as the fact that she could well be the ugliest dog in the world! She was starved, covered in sores and scared of everything that moved but is quickly becoming a great companion for Oscar and very much the 'clown' of the house! Loads of character :)

Freeridespain is a legal, fully licensed company with over 8 years experience..

Freeridespain (2000 SL) is a Spanish registered company constituted under Spanish law, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism (Registro de Turismo Activo/Junta de Andalucia) and complies with all legal, financial and insurance requirements.

We are also a PACE european test center... We have been riding PACE XC303 bikes for the last five years and have recently upgraded to their newest models of hardtail and full suspension bikes. You can give these bikes a go here!

The 'management'

Simon at Mountain Mayhem Emma female guide Lee, great guide and great guy

Simon set up Freeridespain back in October 2000. He is stunningly good looking and intelligent, an ex Health Club manager, racer and has a Sport Science and Physiology background. He has written articles on fitness and nutrition for a number of magazines and sites such as bikemagic, outdoors magic, Maximum Mountain Bike (remember that one?) and What Mountain Bike? He's also been on TV more than once!

Emma is Simons wife who trained race horses in the UK for one of the worlds most successful stables. She know's all there is to know about Belgian vetinary products and how to get big, dumb creatures fit and fast. Very useful in her present line of work with cyclists. A keen cyclist herself as well as a demon cook, mother of two and chemist. Emma has the patience of a saint which is constantly being tested!

Lee was working in the UK in a family business and has a brilliant technical ability and high fitness level. Came to us with hairy legs, a Santa Cruz Heckler and a dislike (lack of understanding!) of road riding. He now shaves his legs, road rides to maintain his fitness and is looking to upgrade his road bike. All after discovering a whole new world of pain only the road can inflict. Still a Mountain Biker at heart though!

Freeridespain and the environment.

At freeridespain we are conscious of our impact on the environment, both global and local.

Water, electricity and recycling:

We are very careful about the wastage of water and power and as such use solar and photovoltaics to supplement heating and hot water. All our accommodation is supplied with bins for recyclable waste and your help with putting the correct waste in the correct bin during your stay is greatly appreciated.

Trails and fauna:

We are aware of the effect our sport has on the very fragile local fauna and trails. As such we NEVER alter a trail and we rotate the trails we use to minimise our impact (we have over 40 to choose from so your holiday will not be effected!) Nor do we ride trails we're not supposed to and where we are supposed to be we stick to by not cutting corners or leaving the trail for the 'faster line!'

Food and local produce:

Where possible the food we serve is local, organic, free range and 'home made'. For example, eggs are free range, fruit and veg is grown by local farmers/neighbours (with the exception of bananas) or bought in Lanjaron, even the meat is the best quality we can find and bought fresh EVERY day along with daily fresh bread for lunch and dinner.