Gary launching into Freeridespain singletrack above Bubion
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Sverre picking Freeridespain almonds

Bullet points:

  • Pads compulsory
  • 140mm travel bike (minimum)
  • Challenging Riding
  • Small group sizes
  • Highest trails in Europe
  • Spectacular singletrack
  • Experienced guides


Please make sure that you have sufficient insurance. This must include helicopter evacuation and all medical expenses for adventure sports. A photocopy will be needed by us as evidence before we ride.

Epics - You will need to be an experienced rider!

Trond on Sierra Nevada DH at FreeridespainThis is Spain's most mountainous region. As a result, it holds some of the most amazing, epic riding you could ever imagine. Singletrack snaking down below you for km after km is one of the most beautiful sights in the world! And sure enough, that's what this is all about!

You will need to be an experienced rider, technically good and fit. Most of these rides start well above 3000m.

You will also need a 5inch full suspension bike or a hardtail with at least 140mm travel forks, arm and knee/shin pads an open face helmet and a 3ltr camel bak or equivalent. This riding is demanding and technical. One of the rides involves a steady 40 minute hike-a-bike to get to the trail head, another (our famous 114km Snow to Sea ride) involves a 5km climb (at 2800m+) at the start and then a 13km climb towards the end of the day. This ride can be broken into two days but the challenge is always to bag it in one!

We drive as far to the top as we possibly can on each day but there will always be a climb at the start. The climb is to get us to the top and if we could drive further, we would! You will see lots of singletrack on the way up, but the really elite singletrack, the singletrack legendary rides are made from, is hard to get to and each year only a lucky few will get to ride it.

The rides.

Summit to sea article in What Mountain BikeAll these rides will have a factor of exposure, technical singletrack, remoteness and adventure. We will aim to complete at least four rides that go over 3000m in altitude and are of at least 100km in length. The majority of the time spent riding is on singletrack and the climbing is done on fire roads and can also include SMALL amounts of carrying your bike. All the rides with the exception of the Snow to Sea ride finish in Lanjaron thus avoiding a long drive back to base with tired, cramped up legs in the van!