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Are you a bona fide company?

YES! Unlike many Mountain Biking 'companies' on the continent we are a registered company, pay tax and have all the required insurance to trade here in Spain. Click here for more details.

What tyres?

We all run on tubeless 2.3 with a good tread. Maxxis High Rollers are good here!

nearby bike shops?

The nearest bike shop is in Granada which is 30 minutes by car but please make sure your bike is in good working order before you get here. We also have a good stock of spares which are for sale at normal shop prices. Please see our shop for details.

any other shops or banks etc?

Yes, Lanjaron is an 'up to date' spa town. There are plenty of banks, bars telephone kiosks and shops. There is even an internet cafe so communication with the loved ones at home can continue without hassle.

Do I need pads?

The riding is challenging but extra protective gear is NOT compulsory. However, many people do bring it and feel more comfortable using it as some of the trails, if not all, consist of some tough singletrack and fast descending.

We've only covered the basics here so if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Are you open all year round?

Yes, The riding is just too good to miss :) One of the great things about riding with us is that we know so many trails both on the coast and in the mountains so we can follow the sun easily and effortlessly. This area of Spain is not like the Pyrenees or Alps where the weather is quickly changeable from sun to rain and back again!

For an example of the run times for each package please see the table below.

Freeridespain availability

Can I do a mid week holiday?

Yes, we are very flexible and this can be a great way to get the cheapest flights.

What's the terrain like?

The terrain will usually be technical singletrack traversing and descending with most of the climbing done on fire roads. We also have some good, challenging singletrack climbing for the really keen riders!

We're a mixed group and there's more than six of us, is that ok?

Yes, If you ride together on a regular basis and YOU don't mind then that's fine. We still go on the basis of one guide for every six guests. So if you come out with a group of eight you will have two guides. However, if you come with a group of five riders and there is another group of five or six here, we will not put the two groups together. We can host a maximum if 18 guests a week (3 groups of 6).

What will I need?
There's not much you'll need to bring but here's a few recommendations:

- A helmet. NO helmet - NO ride - NO discussion!

- Medical - A european health card is essential. You can get one online here

- Some sort of insurance policy for YOU and your gear.

- Your favourite baggies and full fingered gloves

- Water is essential and as much of it as possible. A 3-litre Camelbak is the best solution. Bottles usually get lost!

- UVA and UVB protection, a high factor sun block.

- Anywhere between £50 and £100 spending money should do the trick for a week.