There is a good selection of budget airlines flying to Malaga

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Flying to Malaga really is very straight forward, but there are some things you might like to know before you fly. And remember, it's part of your holiday so you should enjoy it!

  • The airport to fly into is Malaga, Spain. Airport code AGP
  • Your passport MUST be valid for at least six months from the date of departure
  • Different airlines have different policies on luggage, please check and adhere to the recommendation!
  • Toiletries, including gels, shaving foam, toothpaste etc.' must be in containers of 100ml or less
  • If you're checking on a bike, give yourself plenty of time!
  • You do NOT need a visa to fly to Spain
  • The flight time from the UK is about 3 hours
  • We recommend printing off the terms and conditions for bike carriage/baggage allowances

When you land

If you arrive early and you've beaten us to the airport please be assured that we will be there as soon as possible. However, for your own comfort and to make finding you a bit easier (despite your large box or bag!) we recommend that you take a seat and grab a coffee in the bar just outside the arrivals lounge.

Unsociable Hours

There is an unsociable hours charge of £70 for arrivals after 21:30hrs and departures before 10:00hrs. This is applicable per TRIP, not per person.

We've never been let down!

In over 15 years of using airlines to transport both guests bikes as well as our own we have NEVER had a bike damaged by an airline or airline employee. However, please do still take care when packing your bike. We recommend removing the rear mech from the mech hanger and rotors from the wheels as well.

December riding in Spain

Compressed Gas Easyjet will let you take two canisters if you let them know at check in!

Winter riding in Spain

Small Tools Multi-tools and Allen keys, they're a favourite for leaving in your hand luggage and having it taken from you!

Snowy mountains in Spain during winter

Watching bikes being loaded your luggage and bikes are suprisingly well cared for in Malaga!

Ben getting air at Freeride Spain

We have spare bikes In over 15yrs we've never been let down by an airline not getting bikes here on time and in one piece, but just in case - we have spare bikes!