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ride ratings

To help guests understand what a ride is like we have developed a ride rating based on a letter and a number. The letter is a measure of the physical difficulty and the number a measure of the technical difficulty. For example, 'B3'

Physical difficulty

Rated on 'A' to' E'. Rides with a rating of 'A' are physically very easy and suitable for novice riders. Rides with a rating of 'E' are usually an epic and suitable for elite/very fit riders only.

technical difficulty

Technical difficulty is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. A technical rating of '1' is very easy and suitable for novice riders and beginners alike, whereas a rating of '5' is extremely technical.

ride plans

These are examples only. We have a selection of over 40 rides in total and we tailor the rides based on your ability, how you are feeling, preferred style of riding and how much you've had to drink the night before! You do the rides we think you'll enjoy the most.

The first ride out is always a short ride to make sure your bike and yourself have traveled ok and everything is in good working order. This also gives us a great opportunity to see what you're like on a bike and for you to familiarise yourself with the surrounding area.

group size

The maximum group size is six unless otherwise requested and you all know each other. If the group size is more than six then we use a ratio of one guide per six guests or more.

Many thanks to Alan Ryan for letting us use the data he collected on his Garmin during the week here at Freeridespain on his XC holiday.
These charts are example profiles and more information such as heart rate, location, ride time etc.' can be collected by clicking on each. But please note, Alan is an Elite rider, VERY fit and technically good so these rides usually take an hour or two longer.

Tin Mine 'A1' (please note, this one is metric!)

Freeridespain Tin mine ride

Google Mountain 'C3'

Google mountai profile

Lujar Loop 'C3'

Lujar Loop profile

Adventures of Ryan 'D4'

Advetures of Ryan profile

Lanjaron - Capiliera via Bubion 'D3'

Bubion profile

Granada - La Zubia - Monachil 'C3'

Granada profile