Gary launching into Freeridespain singletrack above Bubion
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Bullet points:

  • Pads compulsory
  • 140mm travel bike (minimum)
  • 100% Lift assisted
  • 4x4 or Van support
  • Massive selection of trails
  • Spectacular singletrack
  • Open all year round


Please make sure that you have sufficient insurance. This must include helicopter evacuation and all medical expenses for adventure sports. A photocopy will be needed by us as evidence before we ride.

Uplift/DH - Van assisted.

At Freeridespain you will ride some of the toughest trails in the world. Tough climbs and tough, technical descents thrown into a mix of ice cold beers, sun, sea and sand!

For many people this is the perfect combination for the best biking holiday you could ever have, but...

Not everyone wants to leave their liver on the floor to get to the head of the singletrack descent. The key incentive to get to the top! Many of our more 'sane' guests like to get a lift there. Again and again and again. Which is why we have introduced this new package.

If you love singletrack but just don't want the challenge of the climb to get you there then don't do it! We will give you a lift to the top in either our 4x4 or minibus. This means that in a full week of riding you might climb less than 800 vertical meters and descend more than 22,000 vertical meters!


You are of course welcome to bring a long travel hardtail for this holiday option. However, we strongly recommend a well maintained 5inch (or bigger) full suspension bike. This is because the amount of descending you will be doing will punish your forearms into submission before you want to stop! Pads are essential. If you don't have any don't worry, we have a limited supply which you are welcome to use. We also recommend and use open face helmets year round, especially in the summer because of the heat.


Example trails
  • Tello : 0Km Climb, 22km Descent
  • Padul : 0Km Climb, 12km Descent
  • Heinz 57 : 0Km Climb, 18km Descent
  • Queen Trev : 2Km Climb, 36km Descent
  • Venta de Caņada : 0Km Climb, 24km Descent
  • Capileria : 0Km Climb, 16km Descent

This is just a small selection of our 'normal rides'. There are also a load of much shorter rides of 1-5km in the area which are very technical and great for multiple runs straight from the door uplift. And Remember - ALL OUR DESCENDING IS DONE ON SINGLETRACK!

We will be adding GPS profiles of some of our rides soon.