The Week

Profiles and brief descriptions

Technical singletrack in Spain

A week at Freeride Spain

As soon as you arrive in Lanjaron you'll be desperate to build your bike and get out and ride. As soon as its put together there is a selection of short routes from the door you can choose from to make sure everything is working as it should be. No time to waste tomorrow!

Day Two

Day two strava route at Freeridespain

Ride from the door. This route around Pinos Del Valle is over 60% singletrack and a great chance to get to know the area before we hit the epics.

  • Breakfast at 08:30-09:30
  • On bikes for 10:30
  • Lunch 13:30
  • Technical Singletrack 14:30-17:30
  • Dinner when we finish!

Day Three

Day three strava route at Freeride Spain

This is the first of our epic rides and will test your skill and can be a test of endurance too. We load the trailer for an uplift to way above Capileira for an epic descent via Trevelez and back to Orgiva where we load up for the 8km drive home. This is a firm favourite with our guests!

  • Breakfast at 08:30-09:30
  • Uplift 09:30-10:30
  • Singletrack descent 10:30-13:00
  • Lunch 14:30-15:30
  • Mountain singletrack 17:00
  • Dinner 19:30

Day Four

Day three strava route at Freeride Spain

Optional uplift to the high pass at 2100m, fast singletrack descent, climb, singletrack traverse and descent. Option to repeat. This area has so much to choose from with super-fast singletrack runs all over the place.

  • Breakfast at 08:30-09:30
  • Uplift 09:30-10:30
  • Singletrack descent 10:30-13:00
  • Lunch in Portugos 14:30-15:30
  • Mountain singletrack 18:00
  • Dinner 19:30

Day Five

Day four strava route at Freeride Spain

Epic singletrack all day! This is our famous epic ride which has been covered by several magazines over the years. There are two tough 10km climbs but its worth it! just check out that profile...Oh, and yes, it is mostly singletrack!

  • Breakfast at 06:30-07:30
  • Drive to the Ski Village in Granada 08:30-09:30
  • Lunch 13:30-14:00
  • Singletrack traversing 14:30-17:00
  • 10km climb (optional) 17:00-18:00
  • Singletrack descending 18:00-19:30
  • Dinner on the coast 19:30-21:00

Day Six

Day five strava route at Freeride Spain

Google Mountain has gained notoriety for its tough climbs and blistering singletrack descents. The Ultra fast riverbed towards the end of the ride is a real test of nerves and the ability to pick a good line is critical!

  • Breakfast at 08:30-09:30
  • Dirt track climb, singletrack descent into Ninguelas 11:00-12:00
  • Lunch 12:30-13:30
  • Dirt track climb 14:00-14:45
  • Epic singletrack descent 15:00-16:00
  • Dinner 19:30

Day Seven

Day six strava route for Freeride Spain

Amazing singletrack, singletrack and then some more amazing singletrack. This is only a short ride but one of the best. The terrain is so varied and its ALL singletrack. We can't emphasis enough how great this short(er) ride is..

  • Breakfast at 09:30-10:00
  • Load the trailer and drive to La Zubia 10:30-11:00
  • Singletrack for 20km. 12:00-16:00
  • Finish in Monachil 16:30
  • Load van, drive home 18:00
  • Bar.

Day Eight

After breakfast pack your bike and kit ready for your airport transfer back to Malaga. We don't ride on the day of departure due to the high risk of missing your flight..!

All timings and routes are approximate and subject to change depending on weather conditions, riders' abilities and on-trail events.

We have an enourmous selection of rides to choose from and these are just examples. We have been based in this area since 2000 so we know every trail inside out! It also means we know the best bars and restaurants.