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If you would like a custom trip, just let us know.

Custom dates

If the dates you want are not listed on the available dates table please let us know. We only need 6 people to run a trip and can usually get more riders together if your group is smaller than that.

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An incredible singletrack loaded holiday.

Let the adventure begin!

Come and have a go at our Summit to Sea epic and test your legs on the 100km ride that takes you from the Pico De Valeta to the coast..

Early morning singletrack.

Sweet singletrack: It's too easy to forget about the surroundings when you're on such great trails.

More singletrack

High in the Sierra Nevada: Singletrack everywhere you look. There just isn't enough time in one week to ride it all.


Bagging a summit Thin air at 3000m+. Every effort is felt in the legs but the 100km descent is worth it!

Vast mountain landscapes

Forest trails It's not all open spaces. Fast, flowing forest singletrack is also in abundance.